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そんなHOLIC Podcastの記念すべき第一回目のアーティストは、ベルリンを拠点にディープでオーガニックな心地よいハイクオリティーサウンドのリリースを重ねるSUOLのレーベルオーナのChopstick & Johnjonのエクスクルーシブな1時間のMixをお届けします。


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HOLIC meets SUOLが開催されます。詳細は以下です。


Saturday 19th NOV
11:59PM – 8AM

at The Old Truman Brewery Warehouse Space 
91 Brick Lane,E1 6QL

music by
Trickski LIVE
Tomoki Tamura
Lookleft & bearight 

Visual by

RA Tickets

More info / Guest list 


We are just putting the final touches to our spooky Halloween party and warming up the soundsystem for tonight’s party with Mr G at the Underbelly in Hoxton but always looking forward, we have another event for you on the horizon. 

We tried to keep it secret, but we just couldn’t hold it to ourselves anymore. Mark a circle around Saturday 19th November because for one night only Holic invite the Suol records crew over from Berlin to rain down their sound on London town! Founded by Chopstick and Johnjon Suol records is known for releasing deep and organic sounding music and has been a musical home for artists such as Fritz Kalkbrenner, Till von Sein, Trickski, Zander VT and Daniel Bortz. We have long wanted for their family to meet ours and finally it’s on! 

On the night Chopstick and Johnjon will be DJing and bringing label mates Yannick Labbé and Daniel Becke AKA Tricksi to play a live set. With a warm and broad electronic taste it is easier to define Tricksi by what they are not than by what they are. As they put it ‘If you are only interested in a straight night of minimal techno you are wrong booking Trickski. But you can expect surprises and sweat all over!’/ Who can argue with that?!! Resident Tomoki Tamura, who seems to be going from strength to strength in his performances, is without doubt is one of London’s hardest working DJS. Working the crowd from the first ever Holic parties he knows you intimately and what it takes to get ya to shake. 

Holding the party at the Old Truman Warehouse we are over the moon to be heading back to one of our tried and tested venues and the site of our last NY party. For those that weren’t there it was a marathon event that just refused to end! You just wouldn’t let us stop the music! It was an amazing 24 hours that will live with us for a long time. Aiding the visuals of the venue will be our Japanese golden triangle of VJs, Hek, Kohei and Kaz. Without these 3 the Holic atmosphere wouldn’t be complete, now all we want is you!

With early birds at only £5 for a limited time only you would be stupid not to get these while you can. 







イビザの看板パーティーとして絶大な人気を誇るCirco Locoが不動のレジデントTANIA VULCANO、そしてフレンチ・ハウスの旗手W!LDと共にJapan Tourを開催します。

そして、もちろん本場イビザのCirco Locoでも何度も出演しているSatoshi Otsukiが日本代表として、豪華来日アーティストを刺激的に迎え撃つみたいです。



僕も去年、今年とイビザのCirco Locoに突撃してきましたが、パーティーの熱気というかフロアの温度が驚異的なまでのエネルーギーを発信しています。